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Time America TA100 Pro:


  • Automates Attendance Tracking, the Calculation of Employee Time, & Wages and Tracks Exempt Employees 

  • Applies Your Pay Rules 

  • Supports An Unlimited Number Of Shifts, Pay Categories, Pay Rules, Departments And Jobs 

  • Provides Extensive Payroll And Management Reports 

  • Allows “Cash” And “Charge” Tip Recording & Reporting 

  • Exports Hours Directly To More Than Thirty Popular Third-Party Payroll Providers

  • Supports An Unlimited Number Of Data Collection Terminals 

  • Multiple Concurrent User Capability 

  • Calculates Shift Differentials 

  • Automated Time Clock Polling And Report Generation 

  • Includes an On-Line Approval Editor 

A Full Featured Solution with an Affordable Price 

TA’s TA100 PRO is a simple to use yet powerful time and attendance solution that allows you to automate your company’s timekeeping and attendance tracking. TA100 PRO completely eliminates paper timesheets, which are the root of most payroll nightmares! Employees enter data at an electronic data terminal using magnetic stripe, bar code or biometric technology. Optional PC entry is available. The TA100 PRO software collects these transactions and your pay rules are applied utomatically, consistently and impartially. 

The TA100 PRO’s powerful reporting system provides you with the tools to better manage your labor force. TA100 PRO’s reports help you avoid unauthorized overtime, track employee status, track benefit administration, control departmental costs, monitor staffing, perform job costing, and much more. 

The automated time clock polling and report generation capability allows you to define a processing schedule. TA100 PRO will poll the time clocks, process reports and even email them to supervisors automatically without operator intervention. The optional Benefit Accrual Module allows you to define benefit accrual calculations that automatically update your employee’s accrual balances.

Eliminate Payday Panic! Know exactly where your employee’s time and dollars are spent by implementing your rounding rules, not your employee’s. By removing human error, accurately reporting employee hours and dramatically reducing the amount of time spent on payroll preparation, TA100 PRO will pay for itself in less than one year!

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